Requirement of Pesticide Residue Analysis Laboratory Report for export of Fruits & Vegetables to UAE


Repeated presence of high level of pesticide residues in the Indian consignments especially in chilli, pepper, mango and cucumber has led the ministry of Cimate Change and Environment, UAE to make it mandatory w.e.f. 1-5-2016 to accompany reside analysis report with each consignment.  Phytosanitary Certificate (PSC) issuing authorities have been advised to issue PSC for fruits & vegetables consignments exported to UAE only after the production of test report on pesticide residues by any of the APEDA recognized  laboratories. List of APEDA recognized laboratories is available under Quality section of APEDA website ( Maximum residue limits (MRLs) fixed by CODEX/FSSAI should be the base reference for endorsing test report on PSCs.