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Domestic Quarantine


Domestic Quarantine may be defined as the restriction imposed by Plant Quarantine authorities in association with State machinery on the production, movement and existence of plants and planting material and is brought under regulation in order to prevent the introduction or spread of a pest.


In the wake of WTO-SPS Agreement, it is of more paramount importance to maintain “Pest free Area” to gain export market access in different countries without the need for application of additional phytosanitary measures. The PFA established and maintained as per International Standards forms an element of justification of phytosanitary measures.

Under the DIP Act, 1914 there have been different notifications from time to time restricting the movement of plant and planting material due to the introduction & partial establishment of invasive pests in certain areas of the state. Some of such notifications issued under section 4A of this Act- Domestic Quarantine are given below:-

List of Pests covered under Domestic Quarantine Regulations.


Pest/disease. Notification No/date Host plant material Restricted
From To Requirements
1. Fluted Scale (Icerya purchasi) (i) 22-1/46-PPS/16.2.1946




(ii) 3-5(1)/46-PPS/27-2-48


Many host plant species Mysore



(Tamil Nadu) &

Kerala States

To any other state or place Transport of the host plant material of this pest is permitted only with a certificate of freedom issued by the Director of Agriculture.


Movement of propagating plant material is prohibited except by a certificate issued by authorized Entomologist/

Plant pathologist of State

2. San Jose Scale

(Aspidiotus perniciosus)

6-7/52-Dte.I/5.2.53. Many host plant species Punjab, UP, Madras (Tamil Nadu), WB, Assam, Orissa, HP, Jammu& Kashmir States. Any other part of India Movement of plant material including packaging & wrapping material likely to carry this pest is prohibited unless accompanied by a certificate issued by authorized Entomologist/Plant Pathologist of State
3.Bananana bunchy top (virus) 6-5/59-PPS/25.9.59 Banana planting material Assam,

Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, & West Bengal states

Any other State & UT Complete prohibition of transport of banana planting material
4.Banana mosaic (virus) 6-1/61-PPS/11.4.61 Banana plants& plant material Maharashtra & Gujarat States Any other State &UT Complete prohibition of transport of banana plants & packing material
5. Potato Wart

(Synchytrium endobioticum)

6-11/59-PPS/8.10.59. Potato West Bengal Any other State & UT Movement of Potato prohibited
6-7/62-PPS/10.5.63 Potato Nepal West Bengal (transit) Transit permit issued by PPA
8-26/75-PPS/14.6.76 Potato Nepal West Bengal (transit) Phytosanitary Certificate with additional declarations
8-26/75-PPS/31.10.77 Potato Nepal West Bengal (transit) Same as above
GSR.451 (E)/


Potato Darjeeling Dt. of West Bengal Any other State or place in India Transport or export of potato tubers prohibited.
6. Apple Scab (Venturia inaequalis) 8-21/74-PPS/28.8.78 Apple planting material Jammu & Kashmir Any other State Transport of planting material prohibited
8-13/77-PPS/12.12.77 Apple planting material Himachal Pradesh Any other State Export of planting material prohibited
NIC20/76 Dt.28.12. 78



Apple planting material Himachal Pradesh Movement restricted within H.P.
7. Codling Moth (Carpocapsa pomenella) SRO.666/3.12. 77 Apple & walnut plants including fruits Ladakh District Any other area in J&K Movement prohibited
8. Potato Cyst Nematodes (Globodera rostochiensis &G. pallida) 8-18/82-PPS/18.2.83 Potato Tamil Nadu Any other State & UT Movement of seed potato prohibited. Movement of table potato permitted if accompanied with special permit


9.Coffee Berry Borer

(Hypothenamus hampei)






S.O. 843 (E)/







Coffee seeds/plants/powder Nilagiri Dt


Kodagu Dt


& Wynad

Dt (Kerala)

Any other parts of the Indian Union Movement of coffee seeds, plants & powder is prohibited
SRO. No. 548/96 dt 29.6.96 issued by State Govt. of Kerala.






Coffee beans Kerala Any other state Movement or transport of any articles capable of carrying coffee berry borer is prohibited except authorized certificate issued by the Director of Agriculture/Horticulture, Kerala

State or Chairman Coffee Board.

10. Potato Gazette Notification No. 5280(E) dated 12-10-2018 Potato seeds Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand,

Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir

To any other state or place Central Government hereby prohibits with effect from the date

of publication of this notification, movement of seed potato from Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand,Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir to all other states/ UT of India due to presence of Potato Cyst Nematode (Globodera rostochinensis & G. pallid).





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