Phytosanitary requirement by USA

To safeguard the country’s agricultural economy and the biodiversity from the ravages of exotic pests, every country has specified phytosanitary conditions so as to mitigate these pests OR otherwise impose restrictions/prohibitions based on scientific justifications. Moreover, every country periodically conducts/reviews the Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) of a commdity before its import and lays down phytosanitary conditions. Most of the countries issues Import Permit or Import Licence incorporating the phytosanitary requirement including the treatment(s). Exporters should procure these requirements and provide to the Treatment Provider. However, some of the important phytosanitary measures required by these countries have been compiled for ready reference with the advice to ascertain the country’s current regulations for details, its completeness and authenticity.

Commodity Treatment & Dosage Exposure Period Additional Declaration on Phytosanitary Certificate (PSC) Other conditions
Rice Methyl bromide;80 gm/m3 48 hours The shipment was processed by a registered milling and/or processing unit and found free from Khapra Beetle (Trogoderma granarium). 1) Work Plan Agreement has been signed.2)    Rice from the registered mills could only be exported.3)    Registration is granted as per SoP for export of Rice to USA.
Spices Methyl bromide;32 gm/m3 24 hours
Pepper Methyl bromide;48 gm/ m3 24 hours
Guar Gum Methyl bromide;96 gm/ m3 48 hours
Psyllium seed husks Methyl bromide;48 gm/ m3 24 hours
Mango &  pomegranate Irradiation;400 Gy The irradiation treatment has to be endorsed on the PSC. 1) Treatment by USDA-approved Irradiation treatment facility as per Standard Operating Procedure and Operational Work Plan.2)Appproved treatment for various commodities including Mango & Pomegranate from India is IR 400 Gy (T105-2-a)
Niger seeds Dry Heat Treatment at 248oF (120oC)

(T412-a described in USDA Treatment manual given below)

15 minutes This treatment has to be endorsed on the PSC. Treatment by USDA-certified Heat treatment facility developed as per Guidelines for Certification of Heat Treatment Facilities for Niger Seed for Export to USA.

Treatment for wood products including containers

  1. Chemical: Methyl bromide or APHID approved chemical

-Dosage Rate: As per Table 5-5-3/T404-d (as given below)

-Duration: 24 hours

-If fumigation done in container, degassed must be mentioned on the Fumigation Certificate.

  1. II) Heat Treatment: 60 degree celcius (140 degree F) in a Kiln for 60 minutes.
  • Sun-drying does not comply with the heat treatment requirement.

Table 5-5-3/ Matric equivalent for T404-d



Dosage rate (g/m3)
27 or above 56
21-26 72
16-20 96
10-15 120
5-9 144

Furniture is heat treated and or fumigated in the raw wood stage prior to paint and or varnish application. If recycled wood is utilized in the manufacturing of any products, fumigation is performed prior to shrink-wrap and packaging of goods.


Phytosanitary Regulations in USA for some of the commodities

Treatment manual for Plant Protection and Quarantine of USDA could be referred for the treatment, dose and exposure period.


New Pest Response guidelines Khapra Beetle

Prohibited commodities for import in USA