Names of some of the Plant Quarantine Stations have been changed vide Gazette notification no. S.O. 2286(E) dated 4th June, 2018

  • National Plant Quarantine Station, New Delhi is renamed as Regional Plant Quarantine Station, New Delhi.


  • Plant Quarantine Station, Bengaluru is renamed as Regional Plant Quarantine Station, Bengaluru for import of seeds, consumption and propagating material.


  • Plant Quarantine Station, Kandla is renamed as Regional Plant Quarantine Station, Kandla for import of consumption materials.

In view of the above increase in Regional stations,

All consignments of seeds and plants for propagation and regulated articles such as live insects, microbial cultures, bio-control agents, soil, growing media (with soil, peat or other organic materials) and peat or sphagnum moss shall only be imported into India through Regional Plant Quarantine Stations, Amritsar, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru or through any other points of entry as may be notified from time to time for this purpose, provided that import of germplasm/ transgenic plant material and genetically modified organisms shall be permitted only through New Delhi Airport.