Interception of live insect (Caryedon serratus) in 7 consignments of Indian Peanuts  

Vietnam has recently reported Non-Complianexported to Vietnamce for 7 Consignments (100 containers) of Peanuts exported to them from Gujarat Ports.  They have intercepted live Caryedon serratus in these consignments.  Plant Protection Adviser has issued an Advisory to all the PSC issuing authorities. Four of the fumigating agencies have been suspended for the use of both Aluminium phosphide & Methyl Bromide for fumigating the exportable consignments meant for Vietnam. All these consignments were treated with Methyl bromide whereas their requirement, as per one of their Import Permits, is fumigation with phosphine gas at 4 gms per cubic metre for 10 days exposure period. Hence, it is once again re-iterated that exporters or fumigators or PSC issuing authorities should emphasize for the copy of Import Permit or sometimes phytosanitary requirement is mentioned in the Bill of Lading, to ascertain their import conditions.  Secondly, we have to be more cautious in fumigating such consignment to Vietnam.Sampling of both pre and post-fumigation may be done to be rests assure that the consignment is pest-free.