Phytosanitary requirement for the import of Indian Peanuts by Vietnam


  1. Peanuts must be produced, packaged, processed, stored at the factory which has been registered with the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage of India (DPPQS) as per “Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for export of Peanuts” formulated by DPPQS;
  2. All shipments of peanuts must be collected from the bases which were checked and recognized by DPPQS to be in compliance with the conditions stipulated in the codes of practice standards for the export of Peanuts. Peanuts must be treated with Phosphine(PH3) 4gm per cubic metre of 10 days before packing into containers and this information must be specified in the Phytosanitary Certificate of Plant Quarantine;
  3. All shipments of export peanuts must be checked and certified by the DPPQS and guaranteed free from quarantine pests of Vietnam;
  4. In the additional declaration of Phytosanitary Certificate must specify in English:

“The Consignment was inspected in India and found free from quarantine pests of Vietnam.”