The condition of Fumigation with Methyl bromide (MBr) at point of loading/exporting country can be relaxed by Officer-in charge of any Plant Quarantine Station for the countries who have officially declared the phase out of use of Methyl bromide in their country, after realizing five times fee of normal inspection fee. The fumigation with MBr would be got done on-shore. However, in-transit fumigation with MBr could be considered by the Government of India subject to the following condition:


  • Production of Phytosanitary certificate (PSC) for re-export from the transit country in the prescribed format endorsing the Methyl Bromide fumigation treatment @ 32g/cu.m for 24 hrs., at 21 degree celcius and above under NAP, in case of yellow maize. (Please ensure that this treatment is endorsed on the original PSC and not on a separate sheet)
  • Copy of Phytosanitary certificate issued by the Country of origin attested by the Phytosanitary certificate issuing authority of the re-exporting country.